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Riding Lessons

We are passionate about coaching riders and horses to build a great partnership. We work with everyone from complete beginners to competitive riders and everything in between. With our rider-centered approach, you will enjoy your progress. We have a range of Private and Group Lessons. 

Lessons for Beginners

At Harness Change we offer horse riding lessons for complete beginners or those wanting to develop their basic skills further. Our skilled instructors will give you the confidence and knowledge to manage the fundamentals. Everyone can give it a go (we've even managed to teach the yard cat how to ride!). 

What you will learn:

  • The basics of controlling your horse

  • The correct riding position

  • How to handle and maneuver your horse safely

  • How to improve your balance

  • Basic trotting skills

  • How to perform rising trot

Flatwork Lessons

The foundation of our flatwork lessons is a good riding position, feel, and understanding. The results that can be achieved by using this method can give distinct improvements in the horse's performance. We have seen many of our riders who have studied our techniques advance their ambitions in all areas of the sport. 


Some examples of what you can achieve are a naturally balanced outline, eliminating the use of "gadgets", developing the true balance of the horse, achieving natural collection, and developing correct muscle tone.

Jumping Lessons 

In the jumping lessons, you will work through the basics of jumping position and balance to understand stride distances and techniques for tackling a variety of fences and showjumping courses.

There are often opportunities to train outdoors in our Jumping Paddock instead of the arena. We also have portable cross-country fences that are available during the summer months for training and cross-country practice.

To take part in Jumping Lessons you will need to be comfortable in Walk, Trot, and Canter on a range of horses with and without stirrups and show good balance.

Why Choose Us 



Do not let the rain put you off! We have a full sized indoor arena with viewing gallery, outdoor arena and outdoor jumping paddock.

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Horses are our love and our passion. This shows in their training and care. We have a wide range of horses so we will have one who is your perfect partner!



We are set in the beautiful scenery of the Lake District with easy access of the A590. There is no better place for learning and mindfulness.

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