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Harness Business Change

Does your business need to react to problems and lead innovative solutions like never before?

Are you looking at ways to make step changes in your business transformation strategy?

The need for businesses to be adaptable and learn to change on the move is unprecedented. Leaders are required to come up with pioneering ideas daily to react to the ever-changing business climate. Rolling out these solutions quickly and effectively is key. These skills are crucial for your leaders to harness change through your business. We deliver training on transformative leadership in a unique way that creates a step change for our clients.

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Our Harness Change programme utilises horses to identify and then develop the best version of ourselves.

Our emotional connection with animals spans history, but why do we use horses? How can horses provide insightful and meaningful learning without uttering a single word?

As prey animals, horses are constantly alert to potential danger and are extremely perceptive of their environment and those around them. They are also herd animals; highly aware of the intentions and non-verbal communication of others. These non-verbal cues are facilitated by our executive coaches to encourage you to explore responses to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. They respond honestly and in the moment, providing a non-judgmental mirror for how we present ourselves, and importantly, how we are perceived as leaders.



"Change is always challenging and we are seeing unprecedented change throughout the world now more than ever. Finding the right professional combination of development for my team was essential.

I first came across equine facilitated learning a few years ago and very quickly benefited from the results. As a business leader and one that has had to cope with a lot of change I would highly recommend you think differently in the approach to learning and working together.

Harness change is a perfect combination of Zara's business coaching skills, board/classroom learning and working with her team of horses. It has a true balanced and speedy effect on learning. What I/we have learned in working with Harness change would normally take six months to train or learn, this combination of unique skills has produced speedy and effective results.

I truly believe if not for Harness Change we would not have been able to understand ourselves in a way we do now. The benefits speak for themselves in results to the business. Had not been for Zara and her equine team we would still be at the early stages of our development together and would still be trying to figure it all out."



About Zara Myers - Lead Coach


Zara Myers is the founder of Harness Change. Harness Change is an innovative company that is, through Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), dedicated to developing people and businesses in their professional, personal and wellbeing goals.

Horses are complex and sensitive animals that instinctively form strong bonds both with other horses and the people around them. Zara has studied and trained horses all her life and through this experience she identified a method of using this connection to provide a unique training environment where clients receive instant feedback, which they can see for themselves. Each person brings a different mindset to the training. The horse can sense this and the client will receive back a unique and distinct response from the horse.


Zara’s has worked as a management consultant at a senior level delivering leadership programmes and assessment programs. She has passion to get tangible, clear-cut results for people and businesses. Harness Change workshops aren’t just about feeling good about yourself, although that’s also an outcome, they create visible results that have a clear ROI and positive impact on your business. Zara has coached across a range of industries. from directors of international companies and professional athletes, to vulnerable people.

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A.I.M to Harness Change



Every effective piece of development work starts with a rigorous assessment to identify what the gaps are between your current skills, and where you need to be. Companies can spend a large amount of money for consultants to perform assessment centres, personality tests, 360 feedback and many more techniques to give you this answer. I have personally worked with a firm that charged nearly £100,000 for such an assessment. However, the alternative of going into a development programme without identifying the skill gaps first ultimately leads to a generic delivery that has no real traction or meaning for those taking part.

At Harness Change we won’t tell you where the gaps are. We deliver a self-reflection practice with such potency that every individual will be able to identify the need for change.

At harness change we use horses...


Once candidates can see and feel where the skill gap is, we choose key interventions to trigger a step change in their development. This is a process that you may already be familiar with if you have been on development programmes previously. These will usually come in the form of diagrams and models to visually explain how things work. We all love a good model that means we can fit whatever problem and issue we are having into a simple box to trigger that light bulb moment. There are some favourites that we have seen to be transformative in peoples thinking and understanding of how to move through to the desired outcome.


We don’t just present different models, we also specialise in coaching, facilitation, strategy planning and many more tools to help you get to your goals. The key difference for us at harness change is the work with the horses makes this part of our role a lot more effective, and a lot sharper than your traditional consultancy and development programmes. We have already assessed the skill gap in a way where you can see, feel and understand the impact and what needs to change. This means when we give you a set of tools to start making that change, change becomes unavoidable.

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Now you know what needs to change, and you have the tools it's time to put it into practice. In a typical leadership programme, the only time you get to test your new techniques is back to the workplace with your team or colleagues. Inevitably you are not going to deliver perfectly the first time and are going to feel some friction until you have mastered the new techniques.


This is where harness change differs. This is a time where we go back to the horses and you have the opportunity to test your new techniques with our horses' feedback loop and keep practising until you can see and feel when you have hit the right notes. It means when you are back in the workplace you can hit the ground running, excelling from day 1. There’s no learning curve, no transition period because all the learning has been done in the arena with the horse in a safe sandbox environment.

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