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We have a great community here at Harness Change and there is a range of clubs to get involved in that are all things horses! From kid's clubs to dressage divas, we will have something for you. 

Riding Clubs


Pony Club 

One of our most popular clubs is our Saturday afternoon Pony Club from 2-5 pm.  

Pony Club is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn new things both in and out of the saddle. The club offers lessons in horse care, theoretical knowledge as well as riding. We have bags of fun in our Pony Club and we learn skills that relate to the outside world as well as create friendships that last a lifetime. 

Riding Club 

Our Riding Club runs on a Sunday from 1pm to 3pm for anyone aged 14+. The club offers a wide range of training on different activities and disciplines across horse riding including ground work, polework, flatwork and more. The club has involvement from regular members to help organise new events and sessions keeping it run by the members and for the members. We look forward to having you there!

Pony Club.PNG

Tiny Tots 

Tiny tots club is an opportunity for younger children to get introduced to riding where they may not normally get the opportunity, especially at a younger age.

Tiny Tots run every Saturday starting at 1 pm.


The session is split into a 15-minute grooming session and a 15-minute riding session. Parents/guardians will have fun too as they will be leading the children whilst they ride!

Young Equestrians 

The project encourages young people aged 13-18 to reconnect and engage with the equestrian sport through social clubs that give the participants more choice and freedom. 

The club has been designed to help the participants make new friends, develop skills, have fun, try out some of the horse sports available and get fit in the fresh air. 

Our riding sessions with the Young Equestrians are usually delivered with knowledge and fun in mind. They are varied in the type of riding they do and they get to ride a wide range of horses.

OS Baileys Jumping 2.JPG
Harness Change 5.jpg

Boys Club

A group for boys only! Get involved with our fun-filled after-school group run by Peter. These sessions are designed to teach the basics of horse riding and have fun challenges and activities to test their skills, confidence, and teamwork.

Why Choose Us 



Do not let the rain put you off! We have a full sized indoor arena with viewing gallery, outdoor arena and outdoor jumping paddock.

251857792_615950983182664_5846985392620236569_n (1).jpg


Horses are our love and our passion. This shows in their training and care. We have a wide range of horses so we will have one who is your perfect partner!



We are set in the beautiful scenery of the Lake District with easy access of the A590. There is no better place for learning and mindfulness.

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