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Business Administration Apprenticeship

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

You will work closely with the CEO and CFO of the organisation and coordinate with the yard team on administration tasks associated with horse care and the customer journey. This will give you a broad experience and many learning opportunities as part of the apprenticeship.

You will have opportunity to learn about:
Using multiple IT packages for data input, reporting and communication.
Correspondance, filing and record keeping using software packages as well as industry specific methods.
Financial controls
Working under confidentiality and how to handle confidential documents
Marketing and promotion using social media and alternative platforms
Customer care and streamlining the customer journeyUpdating the website and advertising platforms
Invoicing and payment collection
Work flows and processes, time management and risk assessments
Teamwork and collaberationDecision making
Managing projectsHealth and safety processes and policy making
Managing complaints


The Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship is being run by Haddon Training and will last a minimum of 10 months from your enrolment date. You will be issued with an apprentiship contract and will under take training as part of your daily duties and role.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract, ApprenticeshipContract length: 12 months

Salary: From £10,982.40 per year

About the Company

Harness Change at Cumbria Rural Academy CIC provides educational courses and training to promote fitness, physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as emotional awareness with due regard to the welfare of animals and wider ecological and environmental impact.

Join us in a new approach to learning with horses. We offer everything from horse riding for all abilities including high-level dressage coaching, events for business groups, team building, alternative education, personal wellbeing support, and much more.

We focus on equine-facilitated learning rather than just training people to ride horses and be compettive. Our journey of progression is internal and about mindfulness rather than about external goals and achievements. We teach life skills and how everything we do is about improving the happiness, mental health and physical health of both horses and their riders.

The role will entail working in a close team of apprentices, coaches and managers to assist the team with administration tasks and We are looking for someone ready to do the job that doesn't require much training, although training is offered.

Bigland Hall Equine Group, Brow Edge Road, Ulverston, UK

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