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Ella Wadsworth

Introducing Ella Wadsworth, a dedicated practitioner specializing in Equine Assisted Therapy and working with clients who have diverse needs. With a profound understanding of the therapeutic power of horses, Ella offers personalized coaching experiences tailored to each individual's unique circumstances and goals. Whether you're seeking support for emotional well-being, personal growth, or overcoming challenges, Ella provides a compassionate and empowering environment where you can discover the transformative potential of equine-assisted therapy. Embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery with Ella by your side, and let the strength and wisdom of these magnificent animals guide you toward a brighter future.

About Ella

What sparked your interest in horses? 

I've loved horses ever since I was small and wanted to start riding very early on. When my parents realised it wasn't a phase I would grow out of, I started lessons and I was hooked. Sadly I had a massive gap in riding due to finances, but after becoming very ill at 15 I started helping at a riding school and began my learning journey.
While helping and working at the riding school, I met a horse named Warrior. He really helped with my recovery, and he inspired me to take courses, such as Intelligent Horsemanship with Kelly Marks, to learn more about equine behaviour, training, and communication.
I also met an amazing lady at the riding school who worked with young people with traumatic backgrounds and additional needs. She provided equine-assisted learning and therapy, and I wanted to know more. She allowed me to volunteer with her and learn from her work.
This inspired me to start training as a counsellor and equine facilitated therapist and educator. 
In addition to studying a postgraduate diploma in Psychotherapy, I started training with a leading Canadian Equine Facilitated Wellness group, ProEFW. I was fortunate enough to travel to Canada to train and I now continue my learning with the same instructor who now visits the UK.
While at the riding school, I had the opportunity to start learning about horseback archery. I was able to compete as a para horse rider for the horseback archery world grand prix 2020.

What is your favourite thing about teaching horse riding? 

I love seeing the journey between horse and ride as their relationship develops. it's the wonderful Erika moments of trust that strike me when horse and rider can break through barriers, ridden and non-ridden, together. Equine-assisted therapy is based on relationship and attachment, and that is the root of the beauty of the work.

What is your favourite memory of a horse? 

A magic memory for me is the first time I practised "join up" with my horse Warrior, and he chose to follow and be with me. It was a moment of incredible connection.

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