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Booking  Terms and Conditions


Important Information Before You Book

Before taking part in any Harness Change at Cumbria Rural Academy CIC (CRA CIC) activity you agree that:

Adventurous outdoor activities such as horse riding and handling are physical and demanding sports which obviously have inherent hazards associated with them. We take all necessary precautions to try to always ensure the safety of all participants.

Each participant should familiarise themselves with the hazards and try and minimise these as much as possible by complying with CRA CIC pre-activity brief and activity rules.

Furthermore, it is understood and agreed that individuals participate at their own risk. If you are unsure of the physical fitness required to participate in an activity at CRA CIC, we recommend that you seek independent medical advice.

General Conditions of Service Applicable to All Sessions

Whilst every reasonable attempt will be made to deliver horse riding and activity sessions, CRA CIC reserves the right to cancel or modify any session due to safety considerations and factors beyond our control.

As part of the continual review of the safety and associated considerations, the conditions of booking are subject to change, clarification and modification at any time. Only the Senior Management Team is empowered to vary or waive any of the conditions of booking. Such decisions are totally at the discretion of the Senior Management Team.

CRA CIC will make decisions based on the information given by each participant. Participants must be honest and volunteer information about:

  • their abilities and riding experience

  • any previous accidents involving horses.

  • any medical condition(s) which may affect their ability to ride.

Horse behaviours and well-being are closely monitored throughout our activities. If at any point CRA CIC staff or associates, feel a horse’s well-being is being put at risk the activity will be stopped without notice.

All bookings are non-refundable. We have a 48hr cancellation policy. If your reservation is cancelled 48hrs prior to the reservation time, the value of the reservation will be credited back to your account. If you would like to appeal for a refund this can be submitted to the senior team via email and will be considered at their discretion.


Should we need to cancel your booked session because of adverse weather you will have the option to either change your activity to another activity not affected by weather, or you can reschedule for another date within twelve calendar months of the originally booked activity.

Health and Safety Considerations

Due to the strenuous nature of activities on offer at CRA CIC, all participants must be physically able. Anyone with a medical condition or injury which may impede their ability to take part in horse riding or any other activities we provide should consult their medical practitioner to assess their ability to participate before making a booking.

CRA CIC does not permit pregnant women to participate. If this rule is not adhered to, CRA CIC takes no responsibility whatsoever and the participant accepts they do so at their own risk.

You are strongly advised not to wear spectacles of any kind while horse riding. If you choose to wear spectacles you must accept that injury may occur and accept full responsibility for any such injury. Participants may wear contact lenses.

For all horse-riding activities, in the event of an accident, it is normal policy not to allow the rider to remount. This is due to the potential risk of concussion or other injuries that may become apparent later down the line and can be aggravated by remounting and continuing to ride.

All Activities

  1. Pre-Booked participants must remain the same throughout the session. Places are non-transferable once the session has started.

  2. CRA CIC operates a policy of inclusivity; if you or your group have any specific requirements, we recommend that you contact us in advance to enquire about what we could offer.

  3. Due to the nature of activities run by CRA CIC activity participants must arrive 15 minutes before the session start time to check in, failure to do so will result in you being unable to participate in this activity.

Responsibility for Children

  1. All horse-riding participants under 8 years of age must be accompanied in the arena by an adult over the age of 18. Unattended children under the age of 8 will not be allowed to take part in activities.

  2. Children always remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians. It is important that parents always know where their children are, and the times that activities start and finish.

Equipment and Clothing

  • We recommend long sleeved tops are worn

  • Walking boots, wellingtons, or waterproof footwear to handle horses. No high heels or flip-flops will be allowed.

  • For riding suitable riding boots must be worn. These can be borrowed from the centre and added to your booking.

  • Riding hats must be worn for horse riding activities. Children under the age of 16 yrs must wear riding hats to handle the horses. Adults can choose not to at their own discretion but this may eliminate their right to claim injury. These can be borrowed from the centre and added on to your booking.

  • Long hair must be tied back for your personal safety

  • We recommend jewellery is removed for your personal safety. If jewellery cannot be removed, we may need to tape/secure this in place before participating.

  • No personal belongings, including mobiles, cameras, watches and Go Pros

  • No scarves or headscarves are to be worn under the riding hats.

  • No valuables in pockets

  • Trousers must be worn. No skirts or dresses. Close-fitting trousers must be worn for horse riding activities.

  • Glasses may be worn but not recommended.

  • Adequate clothing for temperature conditions should be worn

  • No food, sharp objects or glass bottles are permitted on the yard. These should be kept to the public areas.

  • Customers must always follow important safety instructions from instructors.

  • Customers are not permitted to remove personal protective equipment themselves. If you need to remove your issued personal protective equipment, please seek assistance from an instructor.

Rules for Horse Riding Activities

  • Behaviour will be monitored at all times. If you are disruptive in any way, deliberately ignore safety instructions or you’re suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we reserve the right to remove you from the activity. No refund or compensation will be given.

  • You will be asked for your weight and height prior to commencing the activity. If you don’t meet minimum weight and/or height limits, you won’t be permitted to take part.

  • Report all accidents to a member of CRA CIC staff so that we can provide necessary assistance.

  • All damages to CRA CIC property either accidental or deliberate must be reported to a member of CRA CIC staff.

  • If a rider falls off and the horse runs free at no time should a rider follow or chase the loose horse but stand as a group and wait until the instructor deals with the situation.

  • All riders must follow the instructions of the instructor/ride leader.

  • Refunds cannot be given when clients are deemed unsuitable for the ride booked.

  • In the event of an accident it is normal policy, for safety reasons, not to allow the rider to remount.

Making a Booking

Booking Site

Where possible, we recommend that you book in advance to avoid disappointment. You can book through our website or by phoning our bookings line on 015935 30333.

Each participant will need to be registered with our system and of entering their personal and medical information. By registering with us, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions of booking.

Riding hats and riding boots can be hired for your activity. This must be booked in advance using the available add on when completing your booking through our online booking site.


Pricing varies by product and is subject to change without prior warning.


We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards. We also accept payment by CRA CIC official vouchers.

Bookings will need to be paid in full at the time of booking.

Confirmation / Before You Arrive

Once you have booked your activities you will be sent a confirmation email. We ask that you carefully check the details of the confirmation email and contact us within 24 hours if anything appears incorrect.

Your confirmation email will include a link to the Acknowledgment of Risk and other important information about your visit.

During Your Visit


On arrival, please make your way to the reception and check in with one of our team.

Parking and Use of Vehicles

Parking is available onsite.

Vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk. We take no responsibility for damage caused to any vehicle using the car park and no guarantee is given as to the security of visitors’ vehicles in the car park or any contents kept in vehicles.

Overnight use of motor homes, camper vans, caravans or any other vehicle of similar nature is not permitted unless agreed in advance.

Care is to be taken when driving around the site and speed limits must be adhered to.

Medical Assistance

We have first aid equipment and qualified team members on site. Please ask a member of staff if you require any first aid. The nearest GP is Haverthwaite Surgery 01539531619, and the nearest Accident and Emergency unit is Furness General Hospital in Barrow in Furness 01229870870.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in any part of any building in the grounds of CRA CIC.


We have resident yard dogs who are free to roam across the site. Please be cautious and remember this is their home and territory. Other dogs are welcome on site, we ask that they always remain on leads and owners take responsibility for clearing up any dog mess.

Dogs are not allowed in the arenas, gallery or in stable yards near the horses.

Management reserves the right to ask owners of disruptive dogs to leave the site, without a refund or compensation. We also reserve the right to contact any relevant authority to make and be responsible for any decision in relation to any animals that are left unsupervised or that are found to be in distress.

Guide dogs are allowed.

Paying for Damage

Breakages and damages to CRA CIC property require immediate payment which will be charged to the card that payment for bookings was made with.

Liability and Insurance

CRA CIC holds public liability cover.

The Management accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or injury resulting from any persons’ involvement in any activity participated in at CRA CIC except where injury is caused by the negligence of CRA CIC or its employees, servants, or agents.

CRA CIC is under no liability whatsoever in respect of loss or damage to property, however, caused, whilst you’re at CRA CIC. CRA CIC is not responsible for any repairs or replacements of equipment which may be needed from damage caused during your session.

CRA CIC accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury resulting from any persons’ involvement in activities delivered off-site by third party activity providers.

If traveling from afar we highly recommend that you take out personal travel insurance to cover any consequential losses due to any unforeseen damage to property or cancellation of sessions.

Photography and Drones

You are permitted to take casual photographs within the site except for in the changing areas, toilets and showers. Any photographs shall be solely for private use and shall not be sold or used for any commercial or public purpose. By accepting these entry conditions, you acknowledge that CRA CIC may on demand have access to photographs taken by you and request that certain photographs are deleted if they are deemed to invade the privacy of other visitors and/or staff. You also agree not to intentionally photograph any individual (other than family and

friends) without that person’s permission, and you must adhere to all photography restrictions in place whilst on site. From time-to-time CRA CIC and/or other authorised parties carries out photography and/or video recording on site, which may feature guests and participants. Copyright of these materials rests with CRA CIC or such authorised party (as the case may be).

If you're lucky enough to be photographed whilst attending any of our events, your photograph may be used as promotional material on CRA CIC social media channels or on our website. If you'd prefer not to have your photo used for promotional reasons, please contact us to remove the image. No royalties or compensation will be paid in the event that your image is used by us.

You are not permitted to fly any drone aircraft within the grounds of CRA CIC, with or without a license and insurance. Anyone caught flying a drone will be asked to leave.

CRA CIC recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all young people in our activities. Whilst taking part in an activity, participants may be photographed by CRA CIC or their approved agents. These images may be used for the promotion of activities by CRA CIC. If this is not acceptable, please contact CRA CIC in advance of your booking. Your wishes will be respected. We will take all possible steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purpose they are intended. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform CRA CIC immediately.

Refund and Cancellation Policy for all bookings

  • All bookings are non-refundable.

  • Booking dates can be cancelled with the value credited back to your account up to 48hrs prior to the activity date.

  • Cancellations or amendments cannot be made within 48 hours of the activity, no refund or credit will be available.

  • Bookings that are missed, and groups/individuals who arrive late for any reason whatsoever will not be entitled to a credit for any part of the booking amount and the session will end at the scheduled time.

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