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Register and pay before the 30th of December to receive this package for £200!

Bigland Hall Equine
Members group

Bigland Hall Membership Package

We would like to invite our regular riders, those that are part of our riding community, to join our official Bigland Hall Membership. The membership is designed to give unique benefits to those that join and add value to your experience with us at Bigland Hall.

What’s included

  • 10% discount on all lessons. This will be assigned to your account for group and private lessons. This means if you have weekly riding lessons you will save money over the year.

  • An offer to attend the morning training routines with Zara and the team training the horses. This is a great opportunity to watch training techniques and ask questions of the experts.

  • A monthly newsletter with what’s on, Bigland news and top training tips. We will invite members to participate and feedback on what training tips or topics you might want to see in each issue.

  • An invite to regular membership social events. These events will be exclusive to members. We will host a range of events including

    • Lunch and Learn – Join us at the centre for a buffet lunch and a presentation or demonstration from a guest speaker and expert in their field.

    • Yard visits to professional competitive yards in the region where you will have the opportunity to see their set-up and ask questions about their training and horses.   

    • Days out to demos, clinics and equine events such as Northern Equine Events working equitation clinics.

Annual Membership will be £250.

Early Bird Discount available. Register and pay before the 30th of December to receive this package for £200!

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