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Horse Harmony Workshop

For over 5000 years our relationship and entwined survival with horses have been well documented. They are receptive creatures that despite being domesticated still have deep roots in their wild unharnessed instincts. When we build a connection with these spiritual animals, they allow us to reconnect with our own natural instincts and sense of our true selves.

It is believed that horses hold a unique presence in spiritual healing, Rakhi, and shamanism. Their ability to mirror our true intentions and match our energy and vibrations. Through our interaction with them, we have a unique opportunity to cast an eye on our inner thoughts and bring awareness back to our higher self in a space away from the distractions of the modern world.

In this one-day workshop, you will be shown how to connect with these powerful spiritual beings through meditation, intentional interactions, and mindful connection.

During this one-day workshop is set in the stunning scenery of the Lake District and run by Debbie Loring and Zara Myers. You will be provided with the opportunity to:


  • Reconnect with your true self through

  • Re-energise and revitalise your mind and body

  • Connect with your higher self

  • Experience the deep, unique connection of these majestic beings, our soul mates, the horses

  • An opportunity to reflect on the inner world and how to be at peace in the outer world

  • Be amongst nature to become mindful of yourself and others

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About Debbie Loring:

Debbie first realised that she could see Spirits as an 8-year-old when she saw a “ghost” of an old lady in a friend’s house. Her family discouraged her and said that it was her imagination. So she shut down her abilities.

The connection was Spirit grew stronger and finally, in her late twenties, she was unable to ignore the abilities, any longer.

Debbie then embarked on a Spiritual path of service and studied with a leading Spiritualist organization and was personally coached by two well-recognised platform mediums. She also became a Spiritual healer and therapist.

For the last 25 years,  Debbie has helped thousands of people with messages, information and proof of survival. Conducting, readings and sittings, Debbie feels so blessed to work with Spirits. 

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About Zara Myers:

Zara inherited her passion and connection with horses from her parents, Sheelagh and Mike who have had over 40 years of experience as professionals in the equestrian industry. One of Zara’s first memories is holding on to the flowing mane of a jet-black Shetland pony called Sooty. Her passion soon developed and she started holding on to the manes of much bigger athletic horses in competition and traversing the stunning scenery of the Lake District mountains.

As a child, Zara was integrated into the family herd of 30 horses. Her knowledge and influence over horse behaviour were the foundation of her coaching and she has helped people to develop confidence and manage emotional states for over a decade through interaction with horses.

The investment for this unique workshop is £147.

Lunch included


To book please register here on our events page  

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