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Dressage club unites people of all ages who have one thing in common. This 2-hour session consists of a theory session and a ridden session taken by our senior instructors. Following strategic steps in improving your riding specifically to dressage. Suitable for those experienced in dressage and those that might need improvement in this side of things. 


Our most popular club to date! 

It is for a reason! Children get to have fun and learn about all things 'Pony' in practical sessions (grooming and handling) theory-based sessions e.g. (colours and breeds) all this plus a riding lesson either in large indoor or outdoor school 

 They will explore the world of Ponies while developing their own personal skills and making lasting friendships with children who have the same interests. Every  Saturday 2-4 p.m. for £30.  


Tiny Tots has done nothing but grow since we have started it this year. This is a really fun engaging session for small children. It gives thm the oportunity to not only ride but have a play and a groom to really get to know a pony!

Parents are encouraged to get involved. Ages from 2 yrs onwards.

Sat and Sunday

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