Bigland Hall Riding Club

What we do at BHRC

Here at Bigland Hall Riding Club we offer a wide range of opportunities to people wanting to learn to ride or to those who have their own horse. In our training sessions we cater for those who are just starting out as well as those that are wishing to progress their own horses skills and develop their technique in a wide range of disciplines. Not to mention we have great fun whilst doing it!


You don’t need your own horse!

At BHRC our riding club is unique in that it offers the opportunity for non-horse owners to hire a horse from Cumbria Rural Academy to train with the riding club or compete in riding club events. This allows those that would not normally be able to join a riding club access to all the benefits and opportunities as those who do have their own horse.

Facilities Available

Where we are based, we have access to a full sized indoor arena as well as the outdoor jumping paddocks. At the centre, there is a lounge area where you can watch the other lessons and stop for a cup of tea and a chat. There is an excellent social environment to the riding club with all members and staff very approachable and welcoming.

Events and Competitions

At BHRC we specialise in getting people started on the competition ladder so we host many low key events as well as preparation clinics and courses to those events so you can feel as confident as possible the first time you have a go!

Our Riding Club is a great way to get started competing as everyone is in the same position so you have plenty of support and encouragement from the other club members. We also have a few expert trainers on site who have been through it all so they can pass down some advice and tips from the horse’s mouth!

Getting More Involved

You can get involved in the events and competitions without having to ride as well! We will always be looking for helpers as well as keen club members to help with fundraising and promotional activities. If you are interested in getting more involved than just let us now and we can have a chat about how you can help.

If you are really keen on learning to look after the horses as well as learning to ride, there is also opportunity to volunteer with the Cumbria Rural Academy helping with the work of the yard giving non horse owning riding club members learn horse handling.

For those that wish to experience the great outdoors on horseback, we also offer special offers and discounts on some of the rides held at the Riding Centre for Riding Club Members.


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