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What we offer:


At Bigland Hall Pony Club we run our centre pony club every Saturday afternoon. The activities last for 3 hours from 1pm to 4pm. During that rime the children will have chance to learn about everything that is horses. They will receive 1 hour of horse riding, either learning new skills or techniques in the arena, or riding out on the road and learning their road safety and country code.


On the day they will also receive an hour’s theory studying the chosen pony club badge for the month. Each badge covers a different subject and has a strict criteria that they must meet before achieving it. The full list of badges can be found on the Pony Club Website at, also the list of badges that we are studying for the year can be found here.

As part of the pony club activities the children will have the opportunity to do yard duties alongside yard staff, this will give then a true feel of what looking after and owning a pony is like and the hard work and responsibilities that come with it.

All it costs is £25 per year to join Pony Club UK, this provides all the necessary insurance for their members to be on yard.

Then it’s just £27 every time you come, which could be every week or once a year, it’s completely up to you!


Our commitment to you;


We understand the dangers and the benefits of children working with horses, at Bigland Hall Pony Club we strive to provide a fun and safe social environment for your child.

Some of the things we do to help achieve this are:

·        We have qualified instructors, teachers and teaching assistants.

·        All staff and personnel involved with the children will have undertaken a child protection course.

·        All activities that the children undertake have been risk assessed and the relevant procedures put in place.

·        At no time will more than 8 children be in a group, providing a more focussed and encouraging learning environment.

·        Our centre is approved by a wide range of equestrian and educational bodies such as; the BHS, Cumbria County Council, ABC Awards, Lantra, EQL and more.

·        All staff have received first aid training.

·        We provide protective equipment for all children when they’re starting out or if they forget theirs.


Your Commitment to us;

At Bigland Hall Pony Club we believe in having a good working relationship with all our Pony Club members’ parents. To help our club run smoothly and for your child to get the most from what we provide, we ask that you:

·        Give us as much notice as possible when booking in or cancelling a booking

·        When booking, have the name of the group your child is in if known.

·        Try to arrive in plenty of time to change into their horse riding gear and organize into groups.

·        When arriving please head straight to the office so that we know who is present on the yard at all times.

·        It is important to keep the membership up to date so that your child has the relevant insurance to be on our yard.

·        Always respect the instructors decision when they are coaching your child; there will always be a reason for their decision.

·        If you or your child have a query or want to talk to the instructor about their lessons to improve or develop then please ask at the end of pony club and we will be happy to help.


Due to our background in education with a lot of knowledge and experience with helping young people achieve their goals, we can help children develop personally.

The areas where we see significant improvement is in:

·        Social interaction with other members and like minded adults.

·        Resourcefulness

·        Team Working

·        Leadership

·        Mentoring Others

·        Consequential Thought

·        Direct Responsibility for their own actions towards others and the environment

·        Care and understanding of animal welfare

·        Increased empathy towards people and animals

·        Improved physical and mental fitness required in the pursuance of any sport

The ways in which we can help achieve this are by working with the children in a structured environment where they are supervised whilst taking part in exercises that require responsibility and maturity to complete the tasks undertaken.

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