Working Livery

Working Livery


At Bigland we offer what is called a Working Livery. This means that whilst your horse or pony is stabled at Bigland he can be used in the riding school in lessons, and on hacks out.


The benefits of a Working Livery are:

  • Your horse is kept in regular work and fitness throughout the year.
  • His fitness and training will improve through the schooling he recieves
  • A reduced livery bill to you
  • You can still ride your horse when you wish


Whats included in the price:

  • Haylage
  • Cost of a stable if required (Comes with rubber mats, and an automatic waterer)
  • Turnout throughout the year
  • Daily Care and Routine (Grooming, ongoing Medical Treatments, Daily Checks)
  • Feed (if on the same feed as the yard horses)



  • We must be informed 24 hours before you wish to use your horse, so we can make arrangements with bookings.
  • You must provide the Tack, Rugs and equipment you wish your horse to use
  • Your horse must be deemed suitable to be used on a Working Livery by Bigland
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