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Classical Dressage Lessons


What Is It?

Classical Riding has been studied as an art-form for hundreds of years. We have learnt what is required to make a horse dance athletically and majestically in true harmony with the rider. Classical Riding is about developing that true partnership and stripping it back down to the raw basics; developing a balanced foundation to train, develop and grow. Once this is established any horse and rider can achieve anything. 
Why Choose Classical?
As we have already said above, it is a tried and tested technique that has been taught, developed and intensified for hundreds of years. All performance trainers will be using the basics of Classical Dressage to develop and train there young horses. Classical is a method where we use the horses natural behaviours, movements and personality to work harmoniously with the rider. 
What Can You Achieve?
Classical is based upon good Position, Feel and Understanding. The results that can be achieved by using this method, the showjumper, dressage rider or eventer, can see distinct improvements in their horses performance. We have seen many of our riders who have studied under the classical techniques, advance their ambitions in all areas of the sport. What is not understood by most, is that classical forms the foundation of the horses perception of performance. 
Some examples of what we can achieve:
  • A natural balanced outline
  • Eliminating the need for "gadgets"
  • Developing the true balance of the horse
  • Achieving natural collection
  • Developing correct muscle tone. 


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