Beginners Horse Riding

These rides are based around the Bigland Estate, with fantastic views over the River Leven and the surrounding valley.

Feeling a little nervous? Why not have a 1/2 lesson in the Indoor School before enjoying the trek!

Lead Rein Ride

This ride is suitable for 4year olds to adults! It is great for those that have never ridden before or are still wanting a little help from someone on the ground.

On the ride there will be a number of staff members accompanying you and those that need a lead rein will be lead by trained staff members who can give you some instruction as you go.

The route goes through the lanes and shows some impressive views over the local countryside and rivers.  Each ride will last up to 45 mins and there are plenty of opportunities for trotting for those that are comfortable.


Price Per Person £25


Estate Ride

This ride is for those that are more experienced and have done some horse riding before. The route goes down to the bottom of the hill through the woodland and joins a bridlepath that takes a scenic climb that joins the road back the Bigland.

There are plenty of opportunities to trot on this ride and it lasts approximately 1hour. All ride leaders that accompany this ride are also mounted so you need to be comfortable controlling the horse by yourself.

For those that haven't had much experience but wish to do this more adventurous route, you can do a short lesson before your ride to provide you with the skills to comfortably control your horse on the ride.


Price Per Person £35


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